The revitalization of the Texas State Youth Conference was an outcome of a meeting held at Southside Church of Christ in Houston, Texas in June of 1996. The conference was soon to become an incorporated body to provide edification for our youth, promote and enforce Biblical standards, and be enlightened by the word of God.

In attendance at this meeting were church leaders and members from the area churches of Christ in Houston. This cross section of human resources represented special talent and skills and a deep conviction to assist in the development of Christian youth.

It was through the foresighted inspiration, vision and enthusiasm of Grant Davis Jr. former minister of Southside Church of Christ that the revitalization of the Texas State Youth Conference was brought to fruition. The first organizing committee was formed in June of 1999 the members were Director: Grant Davis, Co-Directors: Michael Woodard, Terrance Hunter, Tommy Brigham, Secretary: Lillian Moore, Committee Members: Janet Allen, Frank Blair, Diane Brigham, Edwin Bryant, Earl Scurlock, Valarie Moore, Cynthia Scurlock, and Pat Teamer.

The first meeting to establish policies and governing laws for the conference was held February 5, 2005 in Houston, Texas. Consequently, thru his concern and dedicated work, Grant Davis, was named the first Executive Director of the organization.

The Texas State Youth Conference was incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas, May 25, 2005 with the following board members: Janet Allen, Franklin Blair, Lisa Blair, Tommy Brigham, Edwin Bryant, Dewayne Calloway, Grant Davis, Jr., Terrance Hunter, Sr., Urissa Hunter, Alonza Winston, Michael Woodard and Secretary Lillian Moore.